Check A URL with zveloLIVE

zveloLIVE allows you to check a URL for its category and safety status. Found a Miscategorization? Report It!

How To Report a Miscat?

At zvelo, we take great pride in the accuracy of our categorization and quality assurance processes. This results in incredibly low miscategorization (miscat) rates. We strive to deliver the most accurate URL database available; however, with any system—domains and URLs can change and miscats are inevitable. We’ve designed our systems and processes to rapidly address reports of miscats—and we treat these as a high priority.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Submit the desired URL or domain using the zveloLIVE tool to check the current categorization.
  2. Use the “Report a Miscategorized URL” tool (appears after category is retrieved) to suggest a new category and report the URL.
  3. Check back within the hour to see if the category value has been updated.

99.9% ActiveWeb Coverage. Over 99% Accurate.

The Leading URL Databse for Web Filtering, Parental Controls, Contextual Categorization, & More…

zvelo delivers unmatched coverage and accuracy for categorization web content, traffic, and devices. The zveloDB® URL Database is the industry’s leading web content categorization and malicious detection solution with a wide range of category value mappings and taxonomies, including the IAB taxonomy, malicious website detection, piracy, objectionable content, and more. Using proprietary hybrid categorization and detection techniques that combine Artificial Intelligence, Supervised Machine Learning & Human Quality Assurance—zvelo categorizes over 99% of the ActiveWeb into nearly 500 categories, and supporting 200 languages.

99.9% ActiveWeb Coverage

Over 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb traffic, incorporating URLs that have been visited by our global network of 650 million users across Network Security, Ad Tech, and other markets.

Over 99% Accuracy

We use AI/machine learning combined with human quality assurance to maintain over 99% accuracy for categorizing web content into topic-based, objectionable, and malicious categories.

500 Unique Categories

Nearly 500 different categories, with exclusive category mapping which provides seamless and transparent integration with your required taxonomies, such as IAB or your own proprietary taxonomy.

200+ Languages Support

The market’s best language support by country, covering over 200 languages, using human-supervised machine learning systems. See zvelo’s Language Support Map.

Human-Supervised Machine Learning

Unmatched categorization scale and quality via comprehensive training datasets for each of our 500+ worker agents. Combining random daily sampling and human-verification for quality—empowers AI systems with a closed feedback loop that continuously improves accuracy of AI/ML models.

10 Malicious Categories

Interrogate threats at the URL and IP level and identify malicious activities such as malware, phishing, fraud, and spyware. We obtain a constant stream of URLs to analyze via a crowd-sourced model and combine static and behavioral analysis, 3rd party industry feeds, and human-supervised machine learning to deliver the most extensive malicious detection.

Flexible Deployment Options

From endpoint security to perimeter security to UTM vendors to hosted security providers, zvelo covers the broadest spectrum of flexible and easy-to-integrate deployment options including cloud-based API, a local SDK, or as a raw data stream.

Continuous, Real-Time Updates & Protection

For real-time updates of newly categorized topic-based, objectionable, and malicious URLs, as well as daily database updates providing full mirror and incremental updates.

The Industry’s Leading URL Database for Web Filtering & Content Categorization

zvelo is the leading provider of URL and IP categorization, with nearly 500 topic-based, objectionable, and malicious categories. zveloDB achieves 99.9% coverage of the ActiveWeb and over 99% accuracy—making it the ideal solution for web filtering, brand safety, subscriber analytics, and other use cases.

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Check a URL | zveloDB Custom Categories and Custom Mapping Features

Category Mappings and DNS RPZ Provide Advanced Configuration Options To Meet Your Requirements

The categorized URLs and IPs are integrated into applications and solutions from leading Network SecurityAd Tech, and IoT Security vendors through the use of zvelo’s unique “category mapping” capability—as well as DNS RPZ through BIND. In these ways, zvelo’s 500 category values can be “mapped” to the specific category taxonomy requirements for each of our partners.

For example, zvelo offers the following customized category mappings for:

  • Parental controls solutions
  • Web filtering for network operators and small businesses
  • Enterprise-level web filtering
  • Network security applications
  • Full IAB taxonomy when used for Ad Tech brand safety applications and dozens of other application use cases
  • Alternatively, implement zvelo categories with DNS RPZ for additional customization and DNS Firewall capabilities.
Check a URL | Standard Category Mappings

Flexibility To Map URLs & Categories For IAB, Brand Safe, Objectionable—Or Whatever You Need…

In addition to our exclusive Custom Category Mapping capabilities, zvelo offers a variety of highly granular and specialized mappings—right out of the box. Whether you’re in the network security or ad tech industry, custom mapping options provide advanced flexibility to integrate the industry’s #1 URL database in your existing infrastructure or solution.

  • Content Categories: Nearly 500 highly granular content categories
  • IAB Tier 1: A broad level category definition; maps to tier 1 of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Tier 2: A more specific category definition nested under IAB Tier 1; maps to tier 2 of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Content Rating: An audience rating by age group; maps to content rating of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Non-Standard Content: Anomalous content categories; maps to non-standard content of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • IAB Illegal Content: Illegal content prohibited from sale; maps to illegal content of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s taxonomy
  • Brand Safe: Categorizes to determine whether content is brand safe or not
  • Malicious & Compromised: Determines whether content is classified within various malicious categories, determine if a website is compromised.
  • Objectionable Content: An audience rating of restricted content by age group such as offensive, unpleasant, distasteful, etc.